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FIC: Keeping It In The Family

Title: Keeping It In The Family
Author: Me, Chel
Pairing: Madden Brothers
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: It’s all in my head, sad but true.
Summary: Pure smut. The title says it all.
Notes: Written for Cassie, to try and cheer her up because she had a bad day J Hope it works dude!

“I wonder where the twins are.” Josh mused to himself, picking himself up on the sofa to go find his brothers. Wandering up the stairs he noticed their door was closed. Without thinking twice, he reached out to open the door. He was bored and wanted company. As the door swung open, his face dropped.

Benji’s head instantly left Joel's crotch and his gaze shifted to the doorway, seeing his older brother standing there, a pout on his face. “You guys started without me.” Josh complained.
“So get naked and get over here.” Joel offered, his dark eyes twinkling with a mixture of lust and mischief, his dick hard and still pointing at Benji.

Josh didn’t hesitate to take his baby brother up on the offer. Shutting the door behind him, he stripped and climbed onto the single bed, straddling Joel's chest, running his hands up Joel's arms to his fingers, wrapping them around the metal bars of the headboard. He leaned down to kiss Joel, tongue slipping inside Joel's mouth, Joel's lips parting as he moved away. “Josh…” Joel whined, wriggling his body to try and get a reaction from his big brother.

He did, but not the brother he was expecting. His hips bucked upwards as Benji returned to his previous task of giving Joel a blowjob. “Benj,” Joel moaned as Benji took him all the way in, nuzzling his nose in Joel's dense pubic hair, making his twin writhe in pleasure. Josh took advantage of Joel's parted lips and pushed his erection gently into his brother’s mouth.

Slightly surprised by the action, Joel moved his head back until it hit the pillow. Josh waited until Joel smiled and nodded a little before letting his dick touch Joel's lips again. Joel opened his mouth and relaxed his throat as Josh pushed in and pulled back out, forming a rhythm that matched the pace Benji was setting on Joel's erection without trying to.

Joel subconsciously hollowed his cheeks and increased the suction on Josh’s dick as Benji did the same to him, his mouth going slack as Benji’s fingers teased their way down past his balls to his entrance. Running his fingertips over the sensitive area before pushing in slightly and pulling back out, rubbing Joel's perineum with the pads of his fingers, running them back up and tugging gently on Joel's balls, feeling them contract and his stomach twitch as he came, voicing a wordless moan as Josh rode Joel’s mouth to reach his own orgasm, biting down on his bottom lip to keep quiet.

Josh moved off of Joel, sitting down next to him on the bed as Benji sat up, reaching for his own erection. Josh batted his hand away. “Oh no you don’t, baby bro, let me take care of that.” He grinned, shifting them all around so that he could comfortably take Benji’s dick into his mouth. Benji groaned at the feeling, Joel quieting him by kissing him, their tongues meeting outside their mouths as they battled for control. Joel relinquished control of the kiss, deciding instead to suck on Benji’s earlobe, knowing it was one of his twin’s hotspots.

Benji mewled as Joel worked his way down, biting down on his collarbone, licking it, nibbling and sucking down Benji’s spine, smiling at the thought of what he was going to do next. He rested his hands on his twin’s hips, gripping tightly to lift Benji to his knees, Josh still focused on Benji’s erection, adjusting his position accordingly.

Joel returned his attention to Benji’s lower back, tracing his fingers from his hips to the firm globes of his ass. Joel licked a straight line down, from the back of his neck to the curve of his ass.

Benji thrust back involuntarily at the feeling of Joel squeezing his ass cheeks and then spreading them, the cool air hitting the heated skin and causing a shiver to run through his whole body, a mumbled “fuck” coming from his mouth as Joel scooted down on the bed so he could run his tongue down between Benji’s ass cheeks.

Benji yelped as Joel's tongue pushed through the ring of muscle, the sensation of the muscle pushing against his inner walls taking him closer and closer to the edge of his orgasm. “Jo…” He gasped as Josh took him deep in his throat and Joel pushed a finger inside Benji, along with his tongue.

“Oh fuck, fuck, I’m coming, bro, I’m… Sarah!” Benji screamed, his body shaking as his orgasm rippled through him, rendering him speechless and limp. He had just enough alertness to point to the doorway before collapsing against Josh.

Joel looked at the doorway and blushed fire-engine red, the tips of his ears burning as he grabbed the duvet from the other bed in the room and attempted to cover the three of them, him and Josh fighting over the cover, Benji still not fully recovered from his powerful orgasm.

“Sarah!” Josh tried to explain, his whole body flushed pink with embarrassment. Sarah just held up a hand to silence him.

“Look guys, I don’t care if you’re fucking, next time, just have the decency to let me know so I can watch.” She smirked, loving the matching look of shock on the faces of her three older brothers.

~El Fin~
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Fucking hot!
Thank you :D