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just joined up

hey i'm new to the community and just wanted to say hi and that i think Benji and Paul showed be together *whimpers* it would be so beatiful *gets strange looks* lol ok nm anyway i want to find out something DID Billy Really get Arrseted for Drug posession?? if anyone knows plz tell!!!
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i don't think he did i think ppl r just lying to u. my 2 fav obsessions r marilyn manson and billy. too bad billy is engaged 2 this gurl named linzi me and my friends think she is pretty trailer trash. have u seen her before?
gothicbarbie8 aka Dorothy
no i haven't seen her and i don't think i want to if she is tralier trash. i was just checking the is a rumor going around quizilla about it and i didn't see it on the news so i was just asking. And thanks for the commpliment about the icon i had a friend of mine animate it i don't have to software
i heard billy and linzi broke up
hey ive seen pics of billy and linzi she is pretty but there u go if i call her trailer trash becaouse im jelouse *i really hate her so much* lol any way ill try and find a pic and put it on here for u guys
i found a load of pics of them but for some reason they wont paste on to here so heres the addy of the site
thanks and happy valentines day
Linzi doesn't look trailor trash! She just looks really, really skanky-hoe-rich-bitch!
oh and by the way i luv your icon!
I heard it to, actually i posted the whole article in my journal.

I dont think it is true because it says he got arrested in NYC when GC were supposed to be on tour in Europe...

Strange eh, Lol.

Well yeah. Hope that kinda clears it up a bit.

Laters <3
i read that they were in Europe on tour and saw they were going to be in Asia in feb. so i know it isn't true anymore thanks for finding out though
heyyyy they arent gonna be in Asia ~_~

They're comming 'down under' Lol. Yeah im Australian and they're comming here. But i dunno they might be going there after, i wouldnt say before because they get here around the 11th and they dont leave until about the 20th/21st so i think they'd be doing Asia after that. I dunno, but when GC are here, there's a whole bunch of us going to meet them & because Joel gave the statement i'll ask him if its true... =)
Oh and Linzi aint trailer trash. She's a lovely, pretty girl & people shouldnt be BITCHES and call her trailer trash because they're jealous. They should be happy for him, whether it be with Linzi or not.
So true with Billy and Linzi, like with the Joel and Hilary thing , if they are happy with that person, than people should just leave it the fuck alone, sure you may not like them or whatever, but still if they're happy that is all the matters. So get over it, and if i had the choice of them breaking up and not being happy, I'd choose that they stay together and be HAPPY, becuase they've given us so much and can only wish the best for them.

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oh my god.. i fuckin hope not... :0.. that would be terrible
no no no!!!! has any one even thought about what could happen to good charlotte!! look i wnat billy happy just as much as anyone no really but for cryin out loud linzi im not sayin she is a band killer but look at the facts hear ppl!!!!!