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Title: Die With me
Author: Laura (ME)
Categories: Twincest!! Benji/Joel Madden
Rating: Not sure..theres death, no sex
Thanks to: Anyone who decides to read it! Plz comment and be nice, its my first fic, lol
Disclaimer: Joel and Benji Madden are really people but the events in this fic is just my imagination
Summary: Nobody will accept Benji and Joel being together so they make the ultimate sacrifise for one another to ensure theyll be together for eternity.

"They'll never except us Benji, nobody will ever except us!"

"I know.." Benji says slowly with a sadness in his voice

"Well there is a way...that everything can be fine"

"Whats that?" Benji asks looking into my chocolatly brown eyes. I dont know if I can even suggest this to the beautiful man in front of me but I know its our only chance. I go close up to his ear, kiss his earlobe gently and whisper ever so quietly "Die with me Benj"

He looks deep inside my eyes, deep inside my soul to see if Im meaning what im saying

"No! I cant....I cant let you die Joel, I dont care about me. Im nothing, You're so fucking amazing, your my world, I need to look after you, you cant die"

"Dont ever fucking say that about yourself Benji, your the most incredible person ive ever known, you make me happy, you make me laugh, you make me feel things that arent even real in fairy tales. And you'll still be with me, You'll still be looking after me. We can just take some pills or anything, we'll slip away in each others arms, can you imagine a better way of dying than that" He shakes his head listening carefully "Its the only way Benj, When we die nobody can stop us, we'll be together for eternity, we'll go to a better world than this one. Where love is love and is accepted whoever you feel that love for! I love you so fucking much Benji, I just want to be with you forever, but we cant, not in this life! You saw how Billy and Paul acted and their our best friends" I cant help my eyes filling up and the sting of tears run down my face.

"No dont do that" Benji says putting his arms around me using his hand first to wipe away my tears and kissing my face gently repeadidly "If your sure Joel...Theres no going back"

"I am, but only if you are too! you need to trust me" I say holding his face in my hands

"I've always trusted you" he answers looking into my eyes. I smile and kiss his lips softly, I walk into the kitchen and open the "medicine cupboard" I grab all the pills, I can get. I also pour us some water, I want this to be like we're just taking tablets for a bad head or something...not like we're doing it to escape this cruel world

I sit next to him on the sofa handing him his water, he looks down at the tablets hesitantly and takes a pack, he opens one, and emptys the packet into his hand. I do the same with mine. We both take a tablet at the same time, and continue to do that until we've took enough.... We both drink the water and just sit in each others arms. I look over at him, Hes starting to turn a ghostly white colour, and he looks like hes going to be sick and I feel the same, he has tears burning his eyes

"Dont be sad please" I beg him "I to be happy always!"

He smiles "Im not sad, Im always happy when im next to you...Im just...Im scared Joely"

I lie down on the sofa pulling him tightly close to me, I face him and kiss him knowing this will be our last kiss, we're both slipping away more every second. I kiss him and we move our lips together, feeling his soft lips against mine and his tongue in my mouth I know that this is the right thing to do, I hope he feels it too. Eventually we pull apart and he looks at me and nods knowingly. I can feel myself going now, I know I dont have long left, so I hold him tighter then Ive ever held anyone in my whole life, he does the same. I look over him one time, hes so beautiful, every part of him. I look into his eyes that are starting to fade and close slowly "Dont be scared....I love you Benjamin"

He gets the strength to look back and me and tugs his mouth into a small smile "I love you too Joel...So much...Always have and I....always.......will"

I put my head on his chest,our bodies are still entwined. Then darkness. The way I wanted. So perfect. We've gone but we're together

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