The King of the Day (blind_by_fear) wrote in 27kisses,
The King of the Day

TitleNothing More, Nothing Less
AuthorJesse aka blind_by_fear
FandomGood Charlotte
DisclaimerI own no one, I do not lay claim to anything, really.
SummaryNothing more, nothing less
DedicationEastyn, because he has been so great recently between my disappearing acts, and for biting me when I've been bad.... bad, bad me.
RatingG, no perverse thoughts, no bad language, so G

I sat in the over-stuffed chair, thinking so hard I already thought of heading towards the compound’s infirmary. I thought better as I realized it would just come back, worse than before, and you’d know. You always know. Then again, you would probably come to expect that from us about now. Twenty-six, and we know so much about each other.

I’ve found I know so little. Yes, we may be twins, but we can’t know everything about each other. Maybe that’s the beauty I’ve found in you. You seem to know me perfectly well without having to bat an eye. Well, that’s not exactly what I’m here to talk about, so I’ll get on with it.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking recently. I’ve thought about how much I really love you. You may think: Haven’t I told you we’re twins? We’re not allowed to do that, Benji, it’s wrong. It’s sinful.

I know, but you have to give me the benefit of the doubt and at least let me explain myself before you threaten to detonate a bomb from under my feet.

Do you remember Mom’s cough medicine? The stuff she made with whiskey? How we used to talk all day and all night, just so our throats would get a little scratchy and dry, then we’d beg for cough medicine? That was the time I truly treasured with you. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing less than us being foolish. We would grin at each other once we drink it, immediately feeling better, of course. Mom would laugh and shake her head, telling us to behave at least partly decently for the company over for the afternoon. That was when we were foolish.

Do you remember the times we would take all the cushions on the couch and tower them in the middle, then make blankets hang from each side to the arms of the couch, making two small caverns where we would play, separate for only a few moments before one of us got paranoid of the dark, and scurried over, crawling in beside the other? How we used to try to outlast the other by making bombing noises? How you had that one whistle that scared me half to death and made me practically leap in beside you? How naïve I was? Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing less than a pair of naïve children. Dad would shake his head, returning once more to his television show from his safe position in the armchair, until we both became paranoid and lunged at him, snuggling until bedtime. That was when we were naïve.

That was when I truly treasured being near you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tell me how you like it. Please, I really would like some feedback, seeing as I don't think I've ever done the twins together.
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