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The King of the Day

Title: Desperado
Author: moi, Jesse, blind_by_fear
Pairing: Billy Martin/Joel Madden
Rating: NC-17*
Summary: A quick fuck, and tutoring on the way home...
Disclaimer: -checks closet- sorry, I can't find them...must've ran away or something.


I leaned down, grabbing my binder and shoving it in my bag, bolting out to the bus and letting it take me on it’s windy, long route to the Jacob’s place. That’s where he stayed, waiting for me in the driveway with his car. I hopped off the bus and walked casually over to the door to the passenger side of the Mustang Convertible, even though my stomach was raging with anxious, biting butterflies. I tossed my bag in the back and climbed in, running my fingertips over the leather seat with one hand, the other resting on the black, shiny, painted door.

He reversed it, then peeled out, staying silent for the ride to his apartment. I left my bag in the car as we seemingly took forever just getting up the one flight out of four on the way to his place. As we got there, he hurriedly unlocked the door, throwing it open and pulling me inside, grabbing the keys and tossing them onto the nearest table, slipping himself out of his jacket. I looked down at myself, kicking off my shoes and peeling off the strangling hoodie I had on.

“Billy…” I snapped my eyes up to him as he came forward, pushing me flush against the door, lips to mine, sending shock waves down my spine. I kissed back hungrily, missing his touch, taste, feel, everything. Fiery, quick kisses were my indulgence as we groped and whimpered, trying to shred every piece of unwanted and unnecessary clothing. He took only a split second to detach his lips from mine, sending my shirt to the floor as well as his own, then attaching his lips to my neck, his tongue flicking the skin gently, and the heat becoming unbearable as he pressed his hips against my own, grinding lightly.

“Joel…” I half mumbled, half moaned, feeling his hands drift over my hips to my belt, undoing it and getting my pants undone, letting them slide down tantalizingly slow. He smoothed his hands, palm against the milky white skin on my stomach, the once anxious butterflies now calmed as my hands wrench at his clothing, getting it off in record time. His arms slipped around me, casually sucking on the skin covering my collarbone, decorating it with his own tasteful mark. My boxers and his, both, were gone within a few seconds of wandering hands, the pace picking up as he ran his fingers down, finding my entrance quickly.

He just let them stay there, teasing my puckered hole for a while, moving back up to kiss me once more, suddenly plunging two fingers in, scissoring and twisting his wrist soon after, causing a slight jolt of pain, but nothing I wasn’t used to. After a never ending session of that, he worked my skin with his tongue, all across my jawline, my neck, my shoulders, my chest. He loved to watch me writhe under his gaze, all the time. He withdrew his fingers and mouth, flipping my light weight body around easily, causing me to face the wall, hands held in a locked position overhead, one of his own keeping them in place. He moved his hips, presumably lining himself up before bucking his hips forward, slamming me into the wall, a wince and burning pain trickling up my back and throughout my ass. His other hand rested on my side, stroking it gently, showing me he still cared. He pulled back, tossing me forward again with his momentum, my body able to be tossed around anyway, eyes watering a bit.

He lasted a while, pounding his hips into mine in a rhythmic motion. With one last thrust he came, my torn insides lighting like a kerosene-soaked dress lying beside the fire. He pulled out after a moment, pushing my clothes into my hands, not giving one look or second thought as he dressed, grabbing his keys and leading me back to his car, letting me get my Algebra book out, beginning the problems and throwing questions to him. This was the way it was every Thursday after school. A quick fuck, and tutoring on the way home, getting it finished in time to step through the door and nod to my mother, waving him away and closing myself off from the outside world by my headphones.

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